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As Tattoo becoming more and more popular, people are searching for leading tattoo artists with unique and exclusive tattoo styles to help them stand out from the crowd. It even helps tattoo viewers to depict their tattoo styles different in some way. There are number of artists who are learning to improve and develop existing styles but some artists are taking different approach to set their footprints in the industry. One example of tattoo design is Trash Polka – art work that is vibrant, trendy and sophisticated. The design that is performed by our guest artist (Denis Freezing) is fascinating; mesmerizing that attracts the viewers all over the world to get it inked by this artist.

Let’s take a look what is Trash Polka and what makes it so appealing:

Trash Polka Tattoo is a grace of tattoo art that originated in Germany and now it is one of the renowned art work known for its realistic images smudges, smears and dynamic designs. Trash Polka designs are only crafted with red and black ink. The colour combinations are absolutely stunning which makes your design look different from others.

trash polka tattoo artist

According to Denis Freezing, this form of design is a breadth of fresh air compared to other forms of designs. It is blend of technology and kindness. Before making the designs they try to understand what exactly viewers are looking for and according to in-depth understanding they start revealing their creativity. Denis is one of the finest Germany Tattoo artists known for its Trash Polka design and he often visits Ink Baba Tattoo Studio in Goa to meet their clients as a guest artist. He is known for his artwork and passionate about the polka designs. He is extremely talented, versatile and distinct in his art work. The way he depict his creativity is like an icing on a cake. He provides Trash Polk, Modern-Trash Polka and Suprematism form of designs.

Planning to get inked in Trash Polka Style Tattoo?

If you are thinking to get inked by the famous tattoo artist who has experienced in the trash polka style tattoo then don’t hesitate to visit Ink Baba Studio based in Goa. This studio offer different form of tattoo design to their clients along with the talented guest artists. The things are taken care under the supervision of professionals along with hygiene. If you want artistic design, bold look, new with new rare style then this form of design is absolutely meant for you. To know more about this form of design, you can check his latest portfolio, artwork or contact us at (+91): 989 2398949 / 889 8355077 or send us an email and our team of experts will do the needful!