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New school is one of those tattoo styles that had massive hype in the modern era of tattooing industry. It is completely an exclusive design to the individual. It is spontaneous and unrestricted form of design that makes it unique from other tattoo style. There are different patterns, styles, shades and cartoonish features are involved in this art form of design. Thus new school tattooing is becoming more and more popular with cutting-edge techniques, new concept and innovative equipment.

New school tattoos are just what it says, new idea and new methods. In other words, bright drenched inks, large lashes, vibrant colours, cartoonish shapes are the different features of new school tattoos. There isn’t one defined style or most common subject but an individual can easily recognize flair of new school tattoo. This is the contemporary form of design which consists of different colours which cannot found in nature, 2D shading, exciting 3D images, drawing initials and few of old school features.

The Master of New School Tattoo

new school tattoo artists in goa

Sean Guthrie is a New School Tattoo master based in United Kingdom. He has years of proficiency in this domain and his panache of art works are remarkable. As a person he is very kind in nature and when he holds the ink no one can compete with him. He experiment the prospects of new school in-depth because it gives him an opportunity to explore the subject and techniques with infinite equipment to make clients concepts come true in tattoo shape. The coolest part of Sean Guthrie is he does not follow the out-dated guidelines of tattooing. The design that he creates is extremely rich in colours, more vibrant and bold. Thus if you are planning to get inked by any one of the leading tattoo artist then Ink Baba studio is one of the best option for you to grab it. It is based in Goa and Mr. Sean Guthrie is one of the professional guest artists who is about to visit Ink Baba Tattoo Studio, Goa as a guest artist.

He nurtured his love of art while leaving in United Kingdom as a child and gradually developed in the field of new school tattoo. He picked up a tattoo gun and from there he has become one of the best in the tattoo industry. The board of artists at Ink Baba is remarkable and offers great services to their clients along with guest artist and that what makes it out to stand from the crowd. You can easily get new school style tattoo from the best tattoo artist in Goa at ink baba studio with ease and at economical rates. So stop worrying about the style and go for it. To know more about the services do check the portfolio of our guest artist or you can book an appointment with just a few clicks.