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Mandalas arts are amazing circle designs that are crafted out of sand in special ceremonials which originated in India. Design is conquered by squares or triangles which has concentric structure and transforms to circles in Sanskrit. These ciphers provide aesthetic features that represent peace and harmony. The mandala art form is tremendously versatile and carries a numerous mysterious meaning to each of its design that can be recognized only by the creator and observer. The main aim of a mandala is to be an instrument on one’s spiritual journey.

The mandala design is not only attractive visually but it also removes the negative vibes from the mind. It allow individual to concentrate more appropriately towards the spiritual journey. It is been crafted from the center outwards which tends to give them a floral appearance. The floral look is depicted by flowers which are normally circular in nature, circles and flowers can be merged together to get a tattoo design form that is representative of femininity, infinity and stability.

Mandala artwork is a major element of Buddhism and Hindu religion. These designs are often depicted in sand art. Due to their geometric nature, tattoos comprising mandalas appear best on a complemented part of the body, such as the chest or back. Each viewer who spots a mandala will have diverse experience, but meditating on this symbol is said that, “The viewers get more relaxed and make their mind free from all negativity also find their way to move ahead in their journey”.

Dotwork tattoos

Dot work tattoos are one of the most sophisticated designs. It is generally crafted with dots and the artist creates intricate geometric images with the help of dot. These dotwork tattoo design is altogether a different form of design which can be crafted only with dot. Dotwork tattoos are flair on their own, and the designs that is been created through dots is 3D. It is difficult to get such types of shading with any other technique. The dotwork techniques are used mainly for geometric religious and spiritual tattoos.

mandala art tattoo artist in goa

There comes the picture of Bianca Treitler. She is one of the famous tattoo artist based in Austria and have years of experience in the tattoo industry. She is exceptionally talented, kind in nature and more passionate in Mandala art form along with dot work tattoo design. Both the styles are absolutely different from each other but extremely popular among youths. She never compromises in her work and if you adore Mandala or Dot work, then this gorgeous lady from Austrian Bianca Treitler is your saving grace. Now She is about to visit Ink Baba Studio, Goa as a guest artist. It’s a good opportunity for all those tattoo lovers to comes and get inked by our guest artist. To know more about Mandala art form or dotwork tattoo style then do check the portfolio and book your appointment with us from your own comfort zone with just a few clicks.