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Art and mankind have been in love since thousands of centuries. Right from ancient times, human beings have etched magnificent illustrations on caves and other structures. Art is a universal term for expression which takes different forms like paintings, sculpture, music etc! So what lures us to this little three-letter word “ART”? Probably because someone, which most of us call – the almighty or the greater power created this unimaginably humongous and diversified universe which we are all a part of. Similarly getting inked has been a tradition since those days, the only factor that has changed over the years are the ways and means of tattooing. Ink Baba has in a way tried to stay earthy and connected with this tradition of tattoo art by making use of the latest technology available under the supervision of the best professionals you can ever seek.

The Real Baba's of Tattooing

A brainchild of Sachin Aarote, one of the most famous tattoo artists in India; Ink baba has gone ahead to steal quite a few breaths. As a kid, Sachin loved to draw, but very soon, his canvas started falling short. Body art and tattooing is what helped him extend that canvas at a more personal level. That’s because every tattoo has a personal story behind it. Sachin deeply connected with these stories and experiences. There was no better high than helping someone stay connected with their inner self though body art and tattoos. So, when it comes to making a list of famous tattoo artists in India, you cannot miss out Sachin Aarote’s name.

Situated amidst the serene shores of Pernem Arambol Beach, Goa, where sun, sand and the sea throw their tantrums, there cannot be a more appropriate location to set up a Tattoo studio. What started off as a modest venture in the year 2009, Ink baba has gone ahead to offer one-of-a-lifetime experiences to all its customers over the years. Be it a tattoo collector, or a first-timer, the idea is to understand what customers want, and deliver them at the best of our capabilities.

What sets Ink baba apart from other tattoo parlours in India is its no-compromise attitude towards hygiene. The studio makes use of the latest tattooing equipment and techniques in the market to ensure a content smile on each customer’s face. Everyone who has walked in has gone back with complete satisfaction. There are many tattoo artists and studios which charge a bomb but do not deliver the expected results or compromise on the safety aspects of the entire process. But at Ink baba you can be rest assured that you would get value for money services keeping safety and hygiene as the topmost priority. Take a look at Ink baba’s portfolio to get a fair idea about what we are talking about. It is probably the pristine Arambol beach that inspires such kind of works, a place where the soul is closer to the self. The entire experience becomes a memory for a lifetime apart from the tattoo that becomes a part of you as well. Ink baba also offers services like body piercing and sketch art. No matter what kind of service you’re looking for, if professionalism is what you want, Ink baba is where you need to be. And after getting what you want, you can probably go have a sip of beer lazing around at the beautiful Arambol beach!

Where nothing can go wrong!

Many people are skeptical about getting a permanent tattoo done because of the very fact that once inked, you will always stay inked! Yes, there are procedures using which you can erase permanent tattoos as well, but for that, you’ve got to shell out a lot of money, probably 10 times more than the cost of getting tattooed. The risk involved is definitely high, but Ink baba is not a tattoo studio which you will find in every nook and corner of your city. Finding a tattoo studio like ours is like finding a diamond in a huge heap of hay. So what makes Ink baba so special? Hygiene and safety is something that every other tattoo studio claims to offer. The panel of artists at Ink baba is what makes it a class apart. Mr Sachin Aarote collaborated with two famous tattoo artists initially, but today the list has become more than three-fold with as many as 7 internationally acclaimed tattoo artists onboard. Now you know why we are the real baba's of tattooing and why we can never really go wrong!

There are many kinds of customers who come up to the studio. Some are very sure of what they want, some have a fair idea and some are completely clueless but just want something interesting to flaunt their bodies. No matter which bracket you fall into, all your inhibitions of getting inked will vanish when you re at Ink baba. For the confused kinds, we have thousands of designs to choose from and for someone who has an idea in their head, we turn them into reality on paper and then onto your body later! And if you have a personal design that’s very close to your heart, we are more than happy to give our suggestions which you can keep or simply never mind. Meaning to say, we won’t ink you just because you want to get inked. We have a big heart, are open to ideas and want to ensure that you go back home with a reason to flash that tattoo of yours to your friends and family.

We bet you wouldn’t find so many famous tattoo artists all under one single roof! Take a look at our list of 7 international guest artists in our panel.


Traditional Japanese Art and Tebori expert Akitsu Tomo from Japan needs no introduction!

Denis Moskalev from Russia is world famous for his expertise in Trash Polka Realism.

If you are looking to get a body piercing then Nathan Hague from Scotland is your go to man!

Then there is Jessi James from UK who has mastered Mandala, Geometry, Dotwork.

Sean Guthrie from UK is a Professional New School artist who can blow your mind.

If you are crazy about Mandala or Dot work, then the Austrian Bianca Treitler is your saving grace.

And finally, Dario D'Alessio is an Italian who is a pro in traditional old school kinda designs!