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Japanese Tattooing is a dignified art. It is one of the most fascinating design options available all over the world which have a rich legacy of history and ritual behind it. Most of the Japanese tattoos are colossal in design, embrace a larger surface area and the designs are exceptional too. The artists from this country are extremely talented and present the most astonishing knack work all over the world. They have the proficiency to understand their client’s perception and depict intricate details into sophisticated designs which gives wings to the shadow.

They are extremely talented in their work that they don’t have to speak but the art works does! These arts designs cover a broad spectrum of art styles and media, comprising antique pottery, sculpture, ink painting, cartooning, comics and many more different kinds of artworks. The most important thing to consider for the tattoo holder is to understand what tattoo is all about, hidden meaning of tattoo design before actually having it etched, as the person is going to invest lot of saving and time on it. Therefore before moving for a tattoo design just check out some of the best studios like Ink Baba which is one of the famous tattoo studio based in Goa provides reliable, fashionable and credible services to their clients. They make them understand what exactly the services are and provide ravishing environment to their clients because Tattoo is probably going to be a part of life forever. The design features includes in Japanese Tattoo art names as motif, each one has its own meaning.

Ink Baba is the finest studios in Goa that has transformed the traditional methods of tattoo art by making use of sophisticated technology available under the supervision of the Tattoo artist you can ever speak.


The Hero of Tebori Expert

Akitsu Tomo is a traditional Japanese art and Tebori tattoo master based in Japan. He has years of experiences in this arena and his art works are speechless. He is an extremely talented person who works only for his passion. For him tattoo is not just an art, but it is more about the way you express your skills in different styles. This tebori artwork really requires serenity and enthusiasm to create refined nuances of tones that are hard to achieve with a machine which is easily accomplished by Mr. Akitsu Tomo considered as one of the best Japanese tattoo artist who is about to visit Ink Baba Tattoo Studio, Goa as a guest artist.

What is Tebori?

Tebori is a traditional Japanese hand tattooing which requires lots of patience and dedication. It takes adequate time and efforts than the other form of tattoo designs. When this tebori tattoo is designed certain things are taken care such as hygiene, advance techniques and comfortable environment.

The panel of artist at ink baba is what makes it out to stand from the crowd. You can easily get Tebori tattoo from the best Japanese tattoo artist in Goa at ink baba studio with ease and at economical prices. So what are you waiting for, just send us an email or book an appointment with just a few clicks.