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About Us

Welcome to Ink Baba
One of the Best Tattoo and Piercing Shops in India.

A tattoo studio born out with a simple idea of having a studio which is hygienic, friendly and professional. Being passionate about tattoos and piercings, we at Ink Baba tattoo studio know that body art is an expression of your personality and hence we add new twists to traditional hand drawn designs. Making your tattoo more creative and stunning.

We at Ink Baba offer a memorable and an unique experience to each client both by our creativity and our professional client servicing. We are proud to say that the reactions from our clients has been amazing and hence making Ink Baba rank amongst one of the best tattoo and piercing shops in India.

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How do I schedule an appointment for a consultation?

Tattoo/piercing consultations are free and no appointment is necessary. You are welcome to stop by whenever it is convenient for you to discuss your tattoo/piercing.

How do I schedule a walk-in appointment?

The term walk-in means that no appointment is needed, because services are available without prior arrangement.

Do I get to choose my artist?

Of course. Just as we do not tell people what to get tattooed, we do not dictate who you get tattooed by. You are just subject to that particular artist's availability. Not everyone is here nor do they have endless availability in one day to tattoo everyone wanting a tattoo.

Do I have to have a drawing ready for when I come in?

No. That is what we are here for. A clear idea of what you want and any photo reference you have will be helpful.